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In September 2018, after 38 years, I finished practicing my hobby Bonsai, so that after many years we have the opportunity to go on vacation again.

In memory of my former biggest hobby, I keep this site as it was at the time of the quit.


2011 we moved from our apt. in Vienna, to our garden with house in lower Austria, where I have much more place now to keep my trees !

Click the picture here below, to see all my trees at their stands : updated - NEW PICTURES!

NEW ! UPDATED ! Virtual walk around through my bonsai collection in June 2018   Click here for view the video (please switch on your sound device).

Here below, my unheated glasshouse, where 20 % of my trees (the winter hard) stay in winter :

The middle hard trees (the biggest part of my trees) in winter stays in a winter garden (it is few times heated, only for keeping the trees frost free):

The few subtropical or houseplants in the slightly heated garden hut :

My way to - and my way with Bonsai

My name is Herbert Rotter, Iīm born in 1954 , married and father of three adult children. I was 26 years old, and I had till to this time no interests for plants, when I read in an issue of "the best of Readerīs Digest" an article about "Bonsai" (this japanese dwarftrees), with some fascinating pictures, my interest became waked up and I decided to try to keep Bonsai.

I bought specialized literature and some cheap containerplants and picked up little plants, they was growed up in our garden and begun to experiment.

After some time the plants becomes more and more and it becomes to a addiction !

First I had 3 plants, than 25, some times later 60 and the most trees I had was 110 pieces on the 12 m2 Loggia and the 6 m2 terrace of our appartment (till 2011).

Besides I built a 6 m2 winter garden, on the 12 m2 terrace on the other side of our appartment, to keep the trees in winter (till 2010) - but most time with open window because this trees needs the winter rest to grow again in next spring .

Later I reduced the quantiity of my bonsai down to 67 pieces (2011).

Here you can see the growth of the roots from two years at one of my trees.

I was writing a kind of diary about each Bonsai, in three books my Bonsai diaries from 1980 till about 2001 - now I continue it in shape of my Bonsai homepage.

Here a picture of the place where I kept my Bonsai for many years (till 2011) :

And here one picture more, of the additional place where I kept some of my newer bigger trees at the terrace on the other side of our apartment (till 2011).

It is a wonderful hobby, you can do it at home, be with your family, but you must water them (outdoor-bonsai) in the hottest time of the year, 1 or 2 times every day, so that the few earth quantity do not dry out complete ! I do this hobby since 1980 and you can harvest much of joy and pleasure, when the trees sprout out and blossom in the springtime and get fruits in summer or autumn !

I keep only "Outdoor - Bonsai" and very rarely one of this trees die. With "Indoor-Bonsai" I had no luck till now, I think, that I dont have the optimum conditions for it in my appartment (to few daylight, to dry air).

I would recommend this hobby everybody who searching a pastime which is not strenuous, and needs not to much time and not to few time. It needs love, care and attention like a pet and bring similar much pleasure like a pet !

Click here for looking pictures and history of each of MY BONSAI

Everybody who have questions about this theme, needs advice, or keeps Bonsai oneself, I would be enjoyed to receive e-mails from everybody from all over the world !

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