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My name is Herbert Rotter, Iīm born in 1954, in Vienna (Austria). I am married with Silvia born in 1960, and father of 3 grown up children. If you like to know more about me and my family, please visit my english-family-homepage (->links).

My current motorcycle since September 2016 :

Left : my new motorcycle in the condition as I bought it - - - - right : here after some changes for adapting the motorcycle to my needs : a higher wind shield, a smartphone/navi holder and a topcase.


After long 8 years, Iīm finally able to introduce a new motorcycle :

Itīs a big scooter, also called maxi scooter, brand of SYM (Taiwan) Model "MaxSym 400 i" with 400 ccm, 34 HP ca. 90 m/h fast, very comfortably but still sporty.

I am excited and independent tests, found out that this scooter not need to hide before the established models such as Suzuki Burgman, Honda Silver Wing, Yamaha T-Max, Kymco Downtown etc.!

It has some innovative features, which dont have this other etablished scooters !

The most important reason to buy a scooter of that brand was that, that a good friend of me, is driving a similar scooter of that brand since 7 years and he is still very happy with it !

Here some detail-photos of it :



- - - - -

here a test report about my scooter :

and here an other report of the company "SYM" generally.

Here a you tube-presentation video of my scooter

Unfortunately I had to decide to sell this my scooter, because it had a defect.

I think, probably this could be the end of my motorcycle career (39 years with about 150.000 kilometers, without an accident). It may be that I make a different decision at a later point in time.


With 16 years (1970-1972), I rode my first "motorcycle" a "Puch DS 50 V" a motor cycle with 50 ccm and 2,6 hp. It was not my dreambike but my grandparents borrows me the money for it, and the other models looked to wild for my grandparents ! But with a little help of my friends, we tuned up the motor and so the bike runs 50 m/h, more than some bikes which looks faster. Then comes the time of the cars. 11 years I liked cars and I dont missed bikes. Than after this 11 years my yearning about a bike was grown and so I went to the driving school to get the driving-license for motorcycles. This swallow up a lot of my money therefore I had only about 500 pounds (1000 US-$) remaining for a motorcycle. So I bought for this money

my first real motorcycle an old "Honda 350 CB" . After some time I sold it

and bought my second bike, a younger, but also a used "Yamaha XS 400 SE US-Custom" .

Then, my 3rd bike was a "Honda VF 500 F II" .

Some times later I got, my 4th motorcycle, my first new : a "Suzuki GSX 750 F" with 100 hp and 140 m/h fast. This bike I rode 4 years.

To own and to ride "Honda Goldwing" was my dream since 15 years !

To this time I found this, my dream motorcycle below, and I rode it for more than 6 years till Oct. 2003 :

In September 1997 I saw this young (1 1/2 y.) white "Honda Goldwing GL 1500 SE" model 1996, with 1500 ccm, 6 cylinders boxer motor, stereo-system with cassette-player, automatic speed-control, electric-pneumatic springregulation and electric-back-gear and some other features.
Itīs a wonderful feeling to ride this motorcycle, I dont can describe it, you must feel it ! itīs like a thron on wheels with all modern comfort and technology. I rode about 35.000 miles in this 6 1/2 years and each of it was a real pleasure !
Through the admiration which I reap of the people on the streets, I recognized that the Goldwing is not a ordinarily bike !
But dont envy it me, because I dont smoke, I dont drink since 35 years, itīs a lot of money I saved up in all this time !
Since 1982 I rode about 140.000 miles without any accident and without any fall ( I ride very often in the city-traffic) and I hope that goes on in this way very long.
I wish all Bikerīs the same and good luck in any things !

Since Oct. 2003 "for now" my Goldwing period is gone (I sold my Goldwing), it was a wonderful time, but I had my reasons....

Why "for now" ? - who knows what the time will bring......

2003 till 2008 I rode this motorcycle of my wife Silvia, a YAMAHA 1100 VIRAGO" a real nice Chopper, with an airbrush which Silvia had ordered after her idea (Pegasus motive), made of one of the best airbrushers of Austria - maybe of Europe.

The reason is : she likes not longer to ride her bike because she got a cabrio , which she have since summer 2005.

She enjoy very much to drive it !

Itīs a really nice motorcycle (of course not in comparison with a Goldwing ! :-) )

Here my "PIAGGIO MP3" (2008 - 2016)

I would enjoy if you send me an



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